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For questions, please contact us at or (510) 286-8949.

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655 - 13th Street, Suite 100
Oakland, CA 94612



By public transportation

LeaderSpring’s office is a convenient 10-minute walk from the 12th Street Oakland City Center BART stop.  From the BART stop, walk northwest through Oakland City Center (a plaza with shops and restaurants).  You will cross Clay St., Jefferson St., and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way.  The entrance for Preservation Park will be directly in front of you on 13th Street. LeaderSpring is in the first house on your left (called Raymond House) on the ground floor.

By car

For individualized directions, please visit


Day Parking

  1. You may find a parking space inside Preservation Park itself.

  2. There is limited all-day street parking available on some of the surrounding streets, and also metered parking, which costs approximately $2.15 for one hour.  If you will be with us for more than two hours, however, we recommend one of the parking lots below.

  3. Center City West Garage is located across the street from Preservation Park's main entrance on Martin Luther King Jr. Way between 12th Street and 14th Street. If you arrive before 9:30 a.m., you can get the early bird special of about $13 per day.  It’s also $2.50 by the hour.

  4. Open air lots (all within two to three blocks of Preservation Park) are located at the addresses below. Please note that some are cash only.

    1. Jefferson St. and 15th Street

    2. Jefferson St. and 11th Street

    3. Martin Luther King St. between 14th Street and 15th Street

Entering the Raymond House

Use the call box at the entrance of Raymond House to call LeaderSpring and we will buzz you into the building.  Once you are inside, walk down the hallway to the door on your right that says “To downstairs.” Walk down the stairs to LeaderSpring’s office on the bottom floor.